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Kikumaru-Momoshiro Pair!
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A community devoted to Kikumaru Eiji and Momoshiro Takeshi of the anime series The Prince of Tennis, and their relationship. Be it as teammates, as senpai and kouhai, as friends, or as lovers.


This community is for Kikumaru Eiji and Momoshiro Takeshi pairings only. Other pairings mentioned in fanfic and fanart is fine, but the focus must be Eiji and Momo. Also, multiple-character pairings (ex: OT3s) are allowed as long as Eiji/Momo is part of it.

Don't post memes/quizzes/surveys! You have your own journal for that sort of thing.

No stickycaps/chatspeak/1337 please. Its just a pain for all of us to read.

LJ-Cut large entires. This means entries with large pieces of art, more than three icons, and more than 500 words of fanfiction

Put all adult/not-worksafe material under a cut. Also, make sure it's labelled properly.

I'll post more rules as I see fit, so make sure to check back here every now and again!

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Thank you, and enjoy the community!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at the email listed.

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